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Gheen & Co., CPA, LLC is the fastest growing CPA firm in Colorado. We've built our reputation on designing innovative accounting solutions and money-saving tax strategies for medical professionals, dentists, veterinarians, and high net worth business owners.

Our firm offers the tax expertise you can only get from a Certified Tax Coach (CTC). We use proactive tax planning to help our clients leverage the tax code to pay the lowest amount of tax required by state and federal guidelines. Our methods are legal, ethical, and highly effective for professionals and business owners making more than $250,000.

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Luke Gheen, MBA, CPA

Luke Gheen, MBA, CPA, Certified Tax Coach

“Who is a wise person? Who knows the solution to a problem? A person’s wisdom brightens his appearance and softens his harsh countenance.” --Ecclesiastes 8:1

This quote has both personal and practical implications and embodies my life’s pursuit. Practically – and in business - when people find real answers to problems, the discovery brings joy and relief. Personally, when a person finds true wisdom, he or she finds meaning and purpose.

My professional pursuits first led me into business education. I received both my undergraduate degree and my MBA in business finance. For quite a number of years, I worked in corporate finance for several large and small firms. Eventually I became the Controller for a high-tech manufacturing company and began to realize that I wanted to transition from the corporate world into a professional context where I could more directly apply my knowledge. I considered earning my PhD in Finance but soon realized that public accounting was a much better fit and would allow me to start a firm and work with small to medium sized business clients directly.

I started Gheen & Co., CPA, LLC in 2010. From the beginning, our emphasis has been on small to medium sized service-based businesses that we can serve with a system of tax planning, business planning, and advisory services. We have been diligent – passionate - about applying technology to the accounting and tax industry and have become a model firm of the future. I greatly enjoy seeing our employees grow and develop and am passionate about perfecting the system we have created, which serves both our employees and clients so well.

My wife and I have been married since 2002. We have four kids: three boys and a girl. We work diligently with them, just like I work to find solutions and improve life for our clients, employees, and myself. I am a life-long learner, a scholar, a Christ-follower. I love being outdoors during all four seasons of the year in central New York State. I am a reader. I am an avid rower – both indoor and outdoor. I greatly enjoy tackling the challenges of personal and professional life and helping people around me grow, develop, and flourish in every possible way.

Mark Tuggle, PhD

Mark Tuggle, PhD

"Wisdom is knowing what to do next, skill is knowing how to do it, and virtue is doing it." --David Star Jordan

I love this quote because it speaks directly to what I have attempted throughout my nearly 30 years of organizational leadership – help people (and myself) see what needs to be done, coach them in how to do it, and encourage them to follow through with it. I have held leadership positions in the military, as an Army officer; in the non-profit sector, both as staff and board member; and in the for-profit world, as a consultant and an employee. My gifts lie in identifying organizational, systemic challenges and collaboratively devising and implementing measurable, successful solutions. I am also an experienced learning facilitator and speaker. I have a PhD in Organizational Leadership with a Human Resource Development concentration.

At Gheen & Co., CPA I leverage my organizational and leadership knowledge and experience to both help lead the Gheen & Co. team and to serve as a consulting resource to Gheen & Co. clients. I thoroughly enjoy the challenge of leading a globally distributed workforce and maintaining a healthy culture and “workplace” even though we do not operate in a traditional office setting.

When I’m not at work, I enjoy walking my dog with my wife, playing games with my kids and friends, and riding my mountain bike in the beautiful Colorado outdoors.

Savannah Bunker, CPA

Savannah Bunker, CPA, MST, Certified Tax Coach

"Passion is the log that keeps the fire of purpose blazing." - Oprah Winfrey

At the start of my career, I didn't envision my role within the accounting and tax industry to be as diverse and rewarding as it has become. Working with small business owners was the catalyst that kindled an unexpected passion within my professional career. I strive to not only address my clients' accounting needs but to get to know their business, learn who they are as individuals, not just as business professionals, and discover their priorities and goals. Taking this comprehensive, more holistic, approach to our engagement enables me to not only serve clients as an accountant, but as an advisor, a coach, and a friend.

I began my academic journey at Northern Michigan University, where I completed my undergraduate degree in Accounting/Corporate Finance. Soon after graduation, I successfully passed the CPA exam. Learning has been a lifelong passion of mine, and over the past seven years, I've completed two Master of Science degrees, one in Accounting at Southern New Hampshire University and another in Taxation through the Denver University Sturm College of Law. My accumulated knowledge and industry experience enable me to guide small business owners through the complexities of tax compliance and work with them to establish a strong, dynamic financial foundation that will help them achieve long-term success.

As the longest tenured employee at Gheen & Co., CPA, I've had the pleasure of establishing long-term working relationships with clients. My team and I work proactively with clients throughout the year and strive to foster collaboration and open communication on a regular basis. My unique strengths lie in designing and implementing Advanced Tax Plans, facilitating entity restructuring and buy/sell agreements, and managing my team to ensure all clients enjoy the maximum value our services can offer.

When I'm not working, I enjoy spending time with my husband and my daughter, hiking with my two dogs, and exploring our recently adopted state of Tennessee. After living abroad for three years, I'm an avid traveler; I always have my passport handy and am eager to add to my worldwide adventures.

Ben Pruett

Ben Pruett, CPA, JD, MST

“Over and over again courts have said there is nothing sinister in so arranging one’s affairs as to keep taxes as low as possible. Everybody does so, rich or poor; and all do right, for nobody owes any public duty to pay more than the law demands.” – Judge Learned Hand, Second Circuit Court of Appeals

I am a tax attorney and certified public accountant and at Gheen & Co., CPA, I advise closely held businesses and their owners on complex tax and business issues. I had no idea I wanted to pursue a career in tax until I took my first tax class in law school. In addition to learning from a brilliant professor who was passionate about the subject, I was drawn to the study of tax law because it is something so ubiquitous it impacts everyone in every aspect of our lives. I was also drawn in by the nuances and intellectual challenges of tax law; navigating the tax code is akin to solving a puzzle. During law school I interned with the Internal Revenue Service, Office of Chief Counsel, assisting IRS attorneys in resolving tax disputes before they reached the Tax Court.

After law school I completed a Master of Taxation degree and concurrently finished the CPA and bar exams. During this time, I also helped small and medium sized businesses with their tax compliance and planning. After working with small and medium sized businesses for a few years, I transitioned to working with large global publicly held businesses at a Big 4 consulting firm. After spending 5 years working with large publicly traded clients, I realized I missed working with individuals and their small to medium sized businesses and decided to begin the next phase of my career at Gheen & Co., CPA. I am passionate about helping my clients successfully navigate the complexities of the tax code to mitigate their tax liabilities. At Gheen & Co., CPA, I help my clients increase their profitability and long-term wealth, and I help them understand their tax compliance obligations and risks as well. I have experience assisting clients with state, local and federal tax filings. Additionally, I have experience in consulting with clients on the tax impacts of transactions including, but not limited to, choice of entity, transaction structuring, legal entity rationalization, tax due diligence and tax modeling.

When I am not working, I enjoy spending my time cooking, watching college and professional football, spending time outdoors and working on my less-than-mediocre golf game.